Saturday, 19 March 2011

Whats in a name - Lean Agile machine

I chose the name lean agile machine for this website and my company in part as a parody on the term lean mean machine.  I was looking for something that expressed the concepts I was interested in at the time lean system thinking and agile software development.

I try approach everything in a lean manner, by focusing on those tasks that provide the most value and guide me towards my goals.  Goals are set in terms of my own direction but also along the lines of reciprocity, aiming to deliver as much value to my clients and to colleagues I work with.

The agile aspects of my approach get people involved as they are best placed to achieve goals when they are empowered and are allowed to define and carry out meaningful work.

These two practices combine to drive much of the social interaction of my life (work, play, cycling, etc) and help me define my values and goals in life.  They also just happen to be useful approaches to sofware development and IT in general, which is lucky as that is the world in which I mainly work in.

Lean and agile principles provide many practices to help shape the effectiveness of the services I provide to a customer or employer.  To me, delivering a software solution is a concequence of social interaction and understanding generated with clients and colleagues.  The actual goal being to build relationships that are productive and help those people involved reach there respective goals - whether that be a big house in the country - married with children - a global traveller - a successful and sustainable business.