Sunday, 5 September 2010

Agile Fairytale - stories to express agile concepts

Agile fairytale is a neat way to express agile concepts in a way that is easily understood, using a context more likely to be meaningful or recognisable to a wide audience.

At the heart of Agile Fairytales are three fundamental concepts:
  • Agile Values - Agile Fairytales extends the 5 Agile values of Communication, Simplicity, Courage, Feedback, Respect to include Trust and Transparency and applies them to real life
  • People - Agile Fairytales is based on the belief that we can all change for the better
  • Continuous Improvement - Agile Fairytales encourages us to improve one step at a time

A Creative Thinking Tool

Agile Fairytales uses simple narratives to structure the way we look at problems. Each fairytale is designed to give us insights into our experiences through a better understanding of ourselves.

When to Use Agile Fairytales

Agile Fairytales are useful in the following situations:
  • As an icebreaker
  • When creating a new team
  • For improving the performance of team members
  • As a game with friends and family