Thursday, 3 December 2009

Give public access to your Google Wave

You can give public access to your wave by adding a user to your wave called

(How it works: easypublic is a robot that adds the which is the real public user)
If you are going to create many public waves, add the to your contacts list. You can then just drag the easypublic icon from your contacts onto your wave.
By making a wave public, everyone with a Google wave account can follow, edit, reply and add contacts to that wave.

Sending a direct link to a wave
You can tell people about your public wave by just sending them the web address -URL - at the top of your browser when viewing the wave.
(Note: the URL contains information about your Google Wave panels, whether they are minimised / maximised)

Searching for a wave
To find a public wave add a sutable tag to the wave: eg. skillsmatter and in the inbox search box, enter the following text:
with:public tag:skillsmatter

Once someone is following a wave, they can just use the search text: