Saturday, 28 November 2009

Google Wave for Lean and Kanban exchange at SkillsMatter

A Google Wave has been set up for the Lean and Kanban exchange being held at Skills Matter on Tuesday 1st December.
The wave will be updated during each talk with a summary, please add your contributions at the same time if you can - wave is collaborative so join in... Dont worry if what you type it not perfect...
Or search for the wave in the Navigation panel or type in the search criteria in the Inbox panel search box. Either way you should use the following text:
with:public tag:#leankanbanX
with:public tag:skillsmatter
Until you follow a wave or are added by someone, you need to include the with:public, otherwise google wave will just look at your inbox.
Once you are following the wave you can find it in your overcrowded inbox by using:
tag:#leankanbanX or tag:skillsmatter
GoogleWave accounts are by invite only at present, if you need an invite please let me know.

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